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Professional Architecture


At Beck Engineering, we understand the profound spiritual significance and community importance of worship facilities. Our architects and designers approach religious projects with immense care and sensitivity, creating uplifting sacred spaces that celebrate faith through inspired architectural design.  Through dialogue with clergy, leadership and the congregation, we develop a deep understanding of the religious requirements, practices, projected needs and vision for the facilities.  For new campuses or existing sites, we can create phased master plans considering growth, vehicle/pedestrian circulation, parking, and efficient room/facility relationships.  Drawing inspiration from religious symbolism, traditions, and sacred geometries, our team crafts transcendent yet serene architectural designs to shape powerful worship experiences.  We carefully select furnishings, finishes, and lighting to evoke a sacred ambiance and support the worship for your space. Through Immersive 3D renderings we help with visualization and experience of the design solutions.  Beck Engineering delivers inspiring worship facilities through a collaborative process interweaving functional, symbolic, and spiritual considerations. Contact us to begin envisioning your community’s next sacred space.