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Professional Architecture

Residential Architecture

With our architectural, survey, civil engineering, and landscape architectural services, we specialize in creating beautiful, functional custom homes designed and tailored to each client’s unique and individual needs.  We begin by meeting with you to get to know you and your family to build a relationship and learn about your goals, lifestyle, and budget to fully understand your needs and begin to develop a design.  With our civil staff, we can help with analyzing your site, and determine certain requirements based on the city zoning.  With your input, we will learn about your material preferences to help develop conceptual designs that will in turn develop into 3D illustrations, so you can fully interpret the final aesthetics of your home.  We can continue to develop the design into comprehensive construction drawings including dimensioned floor plans, sections, elevations and construction details to facilitate pricing and permit approval. Beck Engineering will provide bidding services as needed in order for you to obtain a contractor that will provide quality finishes and work.  We can also provide Construction Administrative Services to meet with the contractor on site ensure the design intent is being met. Our Custom Home Design Services cover a wide range of residential styles from traditional to modern, single family homes, apartments, condominiums and townhouses.  With our architectural, civil, and landscaping services, we can help provide a full design package for your project . Contact us today to allow us to help bring your dream home to life!