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Professional Architecture

Code Review

Ensuring code compliance is critical for protecting life safety and minimizing liability in construction projects. Beck Engineering offers comprehensive code review and compliance consulting services to verify designs and documentation adhere to all applicable building codes, standards, and regulations.  Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience performing thorough reviews across all project types. We identify potential issues early and provide practical solutions to achieve code compliance.  Our code experts can be engaged at various stages.  During Schematic Design and Design Development, we analyze proposed design solutions, materials, and systems to identify code deficiencies and provide alternative compliant options. Throughout Construction Documentation we review with local and state code officials and complete a comprehensive review of all drawings, specifications, and calculations prior to permitting to resolve issues cost-effectively. Our Code Review services help mitigate risks, facilitate faster permitting, and ensure your project’s design and construction fully satisfy regulations aimed at providing a safe, healthy, and accessible built environment.  Contact us to discuss your custom code review needs.