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Professional Architecture

Renovation + Innovation

At Beck Engineering, we specialize in transforming existing facilities through thoughtful renovation and adaptive reuse design. Our design team approaches each project as an opportunity to revitalize aging buildings, repurpose spaces for new uses, and integrate modern functionality while respecting the original architectural character.

Our team conducts comprehensive site analysis including field measurements, photos, archival research, and non-destructive investigations.  We analyze your project requirements, functional needs, system and code upgrades and growth projections to develop optimal space utilization and flow strategies.  Respecting the building’s original essence, we craft renovation solutions that seamlessly integrate new elements, improved circulation, and contemporary aesthetics.  Detailed drawing sets and technical specifications address all aspects from new room configurations to system replacements and code upgrades.  Our team creates photorealistic renderings allowing clients to fully visualize the transformed spaces prior to construction.  Our field team provides on-site administration and observation services through project completion.  Beck Engineering delivers revitalized facilities optimized for modern use while preserving historic significance of your project.