At full build-out, this project will be a 52 lot residential development in Spirit Lake.  This ‘green’ development consists of construction of water, sanitary sewer, site grading, detention ponds, storm sewer, approximately 4300 feet of streets, and low impact development features.  Portions of the streets at the entrances to the development will be constructed with a bioretention cell boulevard section.  The remaining streets will be constructed with bioretention cells located behind the sidewalk.  The project will consist of a 3-phase stormwater system.  Bioretention cells will be constructed in the inverted boulevard section or behind the sidewalk to cool, treat, filter, and slow down the storm water runoff while also creating a visually appealing neighborhood, excess overflow from the bioretention cells will flow to a storm sewer system designed to handle the 10-year storm, and the storm sewer will flow to a detention pond designed to handle the 100-year post-development storm while releasing the stormwater at the rate of runoff from the pre-development 5-year storm.  The project was designed in 2010 and Phase I was constructed in 2012.


Typical Cross Sections of Boulevard, Conventional Street, and Bioretention Cell